Images doesn’t fit screen
pWall tries to adjust images to the size requested by your launcher app.
You can change pWall Adjustment modes in General app configuration.
Furthermore, you can specify a different adjustment mode for every image.
Any case, it isn’t always possible to obtain good results due to relation between images and wallpaper sizes.

Changing wallpaper takes too long
If the app tries to set a wallpaper while another app or user sets another wallpaper at the same time, the system could slow down. Avoid activate other apps that use this functionality while pwall is working.
If you use a very large pictures, setting wallpaper can be slow and drain battery more than desired. Please, avoid very large pictures.

Message “Changing Wallpaper” on widget
If the widget displays the message “Changing Wallpaper” and doesn’t change, you can disable&enable auto change or wait for the next wallpaper change.

Battery drain
If pWall is draining battery much than desired, please follow this guidelines:
– Avoid large images.
– Don’t change Wallpaper too much frequently.
– Don’t forget your device screen unlocked while using pWall interface.

If these guidelines don’t work for you, please contact support email.

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