Welcome to pWall

You can enjoy pWall through:

  • Dynamic albums: you can create groups of pictures and set how often and on what days of the week and what hours will be set as wallpaper.
  • Events: you can remember special events with your own photos
  •  “Next Wallpaper” widget: You will see which picture will be the next wallpaper and you will have the option to set it now.

Wallpaper Changer Main Phone

You can create new events or add images to albums directly from Photo gallery, Camera and some other apps.
Go to your Photo gallery and select pictures. Click the share option and select pWall.

Album screen

help wallpaper changer album

What are Dynamic albums?
Dynamic albums allow to create groups of pictures and set how often and on what days of the week and what hours will be set as wallpaper.

How can I add or delete pictures of an album?
First, tap in the sample picture. Then you can add pictures with “Add”, you can delete a picture with long touch on picture or you can delete all with “Clean”.

What pictures can I add to a Dynamic album?
Any in your sd card which has been recognized by the Android system.

Can I create multiple albums?
Yes. Select “New” in the menu. If you have multiple albums, you can go to previous or next with the menu options or you can slide the screen to right or left.

Can two albums overlap in time?
Yes, but only one will be active. The application will calculate the album which should be the active one.

What happens when two or more albums are scheduled for the same time?
Albums with a more concrete period of time prevail over the remaining.
Thus, albums for a concrete day and time slot prevail over these programmed for all days and a time slot. These in turn take precedence over these scheduled all the day for specific days in a week, and these over these scheduled for all days and all hours.
If some albums scheduled for a time slot overlap, prevails the one with the posterior time slot.
If the albums are similar in all the previous rules, the newest prevails.
For example, an album “A”, programmed on “Tuesdays and Wednesdays” from 17:00 to 23:59h, prevails over another album “B”, programmed “all days” from 20:00 to 23:59 h.
But if you change B to monday to saturday from 20:00 to 23:59 h, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 20:00 to 23:59h, “B” prevails over “A”.

Can I disable an album without deleting it?
Yes, changing every 0 hours and 0 minutes or selecting “Manual”.

Can I rename an album?
Yes, tap on the name of the album you want to change.

Event screen

Help Wallpaper Changer Tablet Events

What are Events?
With Events you can set a specific picture in a concrete day and with a determined schedule (birthdays, special events, appointments…).

Can I delete an event?
Yes, with long touch on event picture.

Can I delete only the date of the event?
Yes, with long touch over event date.

Can I rename an event?
Yes, tap on event name.

Do I have to enter my birthday each year?
No, the events repeats annually.

What happens when two or more events are scheduled for the same time?
* Events for a time slot are prevalent over which are for the entire day.
* Between two events with time slot, it prevails the one that starts later.
* In the case of identical dates and times, the event created more recently prevails.
For example, if the same day we have two events, one of this is “All_day” and the other is “Time_Slot”, from 19:00 to 23:59, the event “All_day” will be active until 19:00 hours; in that moment, the event “Time_Slot” will be activated.