Frequently Asked Questions

What are Dynamic albums?
Dynamic albums allow to create groups of pictures and set how often and on what days of the week and what hours will be set as wallpaper.

What are Events?
With Events you can set a specific picture in a concrete day and with a determined schedule (birthdays, special events, appointments…).

Can pWall enable/disable scrolling wallpapers?
pWall can’t reliably enable/disable scrolling wallpaper.
Some launchers (like Apex) can enable/disable scrolling.

pWall is designed to keep battery drain as low as possible.
The way you use pWall can help too:
– Avoid large images.
– Don’t change Wallpaper too much frequently.
– Don’t forget your device screen unlocked while using pWall interface.

What is the “Picture adjustment”?
The picture adjustment lets you specify how you want that pWall adjusts the pictures to screen. You have four options:
1. None: the android system adjusts the picture automatically.
2. Adjust&Crop: it scales the picture and cuts the remaining part.
3. LetterBox: it scales the picture so that it appears complete on screen and fills the extra space in black.
4. Resize: it adjusts the picture to the screen size.
5. Smart: picture adjusted through mixing the former methods and changing some parameters relative to picture and screen sizes

Additionally, you can specify a particular setting for each particular image from the preview screen.

ATTENTION: Depending on the picture size, it is possible to loose image quality.

Can albums and events overlap on time?
Yes, but you can only have one album or event active in time. Events will prevail always on albums.
The application will determine which one is the album or event active in every moment.

Can I activate / deactivate the automatic changes?
Yes, select the option start/stop from the menu.

What widget sizes can I select?
You can now use three widget sizes: 1×1 (small), 4×1 (Medium) and 4×1 (Full info).
Go to home screen widget selection and Select pWall (small) or pWall (large).
Within large, you can configure Medium(reduced info) or Full(full info).

Change lockscreen wallpaper
Sorry, current Android API’s doesn’t provide methods to change lockscreen.

Can I disable help messages from the system?
Yes, in “Preferences”, unselect “Help messages” and “Vibration”.

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