Background Changer

Background changer lets you automatically set your favorite backgrounds, best photos, memories or funny pictures on your background.. when you want!

As simple as:
* Select multiple images (or complete folders) from your own gallery.
* Schedule when to automatically set them as wallpaper.

A must have Android app to easily select pictures (or complete folders) and schedule when to change your background.

Included widget lets you quickly switch background too.

This app auto fits photos to background using smart auto-fitting mode or even you can specify a fitting mode for every picture.


Main features includes:

– Widget Next background  1×1 & 4×1

– Tablet-optimized screen design.

– Powerful album timer and event scheduler.

– Random order within albums.

– Unlimited pictures and albums.

– Import photos directly from gallery and some other walllpaper apps.

– Low battery consumption.


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